®obin x Incredible Department designs happy brands and services, from scratch to people.

Hej hej!
Salut salut!
안녕 안녕!
Halo halo!
Hæ hæ!

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Helping teams bring ideas, mission, design and f-f-feeling together.

“Robin brings creative confidence, human humility and business-smarts, totally committed to creating purposeful goodness.”

Sveinung Skaalnes, worked with ®obin as the Partnership Director of Hyper Island

“Robin has this ability to package complex solutions into strong design and communication that is not only highly talkable, but also works wonders in a society in constant change.”

Per Ekwall, worked with R8bin as the GM of Swish.

“I rely on Robin for a perfect cocktail of unrestrained visionary thinking and capacity to roll up one’s sleeves in order to get things done. A combination of abilities that is as rare as it is useful.”

Niklas Bergh, worked with Roβin as the Co-founder of Zound.

“Working with Robin is nothing short of incredible. Strong ideas, humble individual and fantastic results. (Did I mention on time and on budget?)”

Oscar Höglund, worked with Rob1n as the Co-founder and CEO of Epidemic Sound.

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Creative direction + Design direction + Founding roles.
Current focus on ideation for new digital ventures, designing mission-driven services from idea to rollout. Including Concept development, Positioning, Roadmap, Prototyping and wireframing, Brand direction and design, Narrative and messaging, Service design, UX design, UI design, Communication design.
Basecamp: Sweden.